Kunst Bureau*

A multi-disciplined audio visual bureau of production & mischievous taste making.

Bureau members:

Michael Barnes-Wynters
Originally from Bristol and born of Jamaican heritage, a typographer at heart, Michael’s long-term artist collaborations broadcast at the intersections of immersive experiential film installations and provocative durational actions/performances. His collaborative arts activities eloquently asks blunt, relevant and meaningful questions that tackle human suffrage, racism, gender exploitation, injustice, control and the hyper normalisation of humanity.

Martin Lewsley
Born in Hull and originally a graphic designer Martin lived for two decades in London & Germany running a bespoke production company. Martin’s skills expanded to include all facets of contemporary art from video production, illustration to audio performance and artistic development. His activity is motivated by quality, originality and freedom.

File under:
Immersive audio visual (AV) expertise. Graphic design consultants. Artist video, short film documentary, radio production & editing. Curation. Event production & project management. Artist professional development. Mentorship.